Breakfast in Amerika…in Paris

«This was the day the French cuisine-blog went down the drain.»

This blogpost was supposed to be about French cuisine. Off course, I am in Paris. The plan was also to write in Norwegian.

We’ll nothing went as planned, not the French cuisine, not even the language. Sorry guys, the Norwegian version is lost today.

We took the Metro down to the Latin Quarter to eat some nice French lunch. In the east end of Rue des Écoles there was a line of people outside a restaurant, waiting for a table.

The next we saw, was a guy coming out saying «wow» rubbing his belly and smiling. Yes, this is our place!

But hey, this is an American diner! What the…in Paris?! No way. But it was. And it was the only restaurant with a line outside.

imageInside we met the owner, Craig Carlson from Connecticut. Smiling, greeting new guests, serving food and talking to regulars.

imageThe diner was packed with people from a lot of countries, according to the languages. People were laughing and having a good time.

imageMaking a long story short: the food is just great. Just the way it’s supposed to be. The atmosphere is just like the one you find alongside Route 66. For a while I really thought I was there.

imageIt is a genuine American diner, with tasty food, great service and a lot of happy customers, me included.



imageIf you’re in Paris, check out the place. You will not regret. And even better, now there is three of them.

We’ll take the French cuisine tomorrow.

More about Craigs place


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